Reformatting phone numbers using UFS App.

When working with phone numbers, it is often necessary to have the GSM numbers in a particular format. There may be need to add or remove certain prefixes or country codes. Reformating phone numbers also helps to return phone numbers in a uniform format. For large collection of phone numbers, it can be frustrating to [...]

Do you also need Bulk SMS Service? Here are peoples who uses bulk SMS!

Bulk SMS is very useful to Organizations, Companies, Institutions, Religious People, Government Agencies, Hospital etc Industries use Bulk SMS for marketing for engaging with the customers. Government agencies most especially politicians, use Bulk SMS especially during campaign. Institutions uses Bulk SMS to communicate with both the school heads, teachers and parents. Organization use Bulk SMS [...]

Using UFS Desktop App to generate GSM phone numbers for marketing and advertisements

Getting GSM numbers for mobile marketing is often a daunting task. The good news is that UFS Desktop app makes it very easy to generate such numbers. With UFS desktop app, one can generate random phone numbers which can be customized to have any desired network or country prefix. To generate phone numbers on UFS [...]

Exciting things you can do with UFS Desktop App

UFS Desktop App was designed to meet your communication and marketing needs. Here are some exciting features of UFS Desktop App. Its great for Bulk SMSing! You have a friendly interface to compose and customize your text messages, save drafts, specify your intended recipients, specified desired sender IDs, View or delete sent messages, and send [...]

Extracting phone numbers with UFS App.

UFS Phone Number Extractor App allows the user to extract numbers from urls or texts. Paste the text to be extracted in the textbox provided, you may browse text files directly from your local disk. The "settings" button allows you to specify the nature of the text data. If the numbers has definite separator, you [...]

How bulk SMS will benefit religious organization.

In today's world, technology has taken charge of everything even in religious matters. Gone are the days when people do not go out with their phones, but now, people even go to church with their phones. Since people always carry their phone along with them, Religious Organizations use it as an opportunity to use Bulk [...]