Reformatting phone numbers using UFS App.

When working with phone numbers, it is often necessary to have the GSM numbers in a particular format. There may be need to add or remove certain prefixes or country codes. Reformating phone numbers also helps to return phone numbers in a uniform format. For large collection of phone numbers, it can be frustrating to edit each number manually.

You can accomplish such tasks very easily with UFS Desktop app, in a couple of clicks. Open up UFS Desktop App and select the “Extract Number and email” tab, then select the “reformat number” sub tab.



Paste the GSM Numbers to be reformatted in the textbox provided, you may also browse text files directly from your local disk.

The default settings expects that the text to be reformated which is pasted in the textbox should contain only number separated by newlines. (You change this default setting of the nature of the text data by clicking on the Settings button).

Select and specify your desired preference in the reformat option

  • You can replace the first XXX digit of each number with a desired prefix of your choice.
  • You can preserve the last XXXX digit of each phone number and replace the remainder part with any desired prefix of your choice.
  • You can insert country code to each of the phone number.
  • You can remove country code from each of the phone number


You may sort, or randomize or change the separator of the reformated numbers.


For instance, if the you wish to convert your phone numbers from local format to international format, you may need to replace the first X digit of each number with the specified international prefix code. eg, if I wish to convert a Nigerian phone Number like 08061111114, to international number, I would use,

Replace the first 1 digits with 234
Preserve the last 10 digits and replace the remainder with 234
insert Country code 234

The result will be 2348061111114 in any of the cases.


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