Using UFS Desktop App to generate GSM phone numbers for marketing and advertisements

Getting GSM numbers for mobile marketing is often a daunting task. The good news is that UFS Desktop app makes it very easy to generate such numbers.

With UFS desktop app, one can generate random phone numbers which can be customized to have any desired network or country prefix.

To generate phone numbers on UFS Desktop App,

run UFS and click on the “Extract Number and Email Tab”.
Select “Number Generator” from the list of task that opens up. (See screenshot below).

NB: To generate more than 25 numbers, you need to use the free access coupon. Click here to access the free coupon.


  1. Specify the quantity of numbers you want in the Number Count.
  2. Specify your desired network operator prefixes.
  3. Specify your desired separator.
  4. You may select a random generator or sequential generator style.

Then click on “Generate Phone Number” to generate the numbers using your specified preferences.


For example

 … to generate an eleven digit GSM number, you need to specify a 4 digit “Number Prefix(es)” eg 0803. You can also specify multiple prefixes. (Separate each prefix with a comma- eg 0803,0806,0805 etc).

The choice of prefix depends on the country and the network provider of interest. The length of the prefix decides the length of the generated number. A 4 digit prefix generates a 11 digit GSM number. A 3-digit prefix generates a 10 digit gsm number and so on.

Its advised that a popular prefix be used so as to have a higher percent of active numbers.

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