Exciting things you can do with UFS Desktop App

UFS Desktop App was designed to meet your communication and marketing needs. Here are some exciting features of UFS Desktop App.

Its great for Bulk SMSing! You have a friendly interface to compose and customize your text messages, save drafts, specify your intended recipients, specified desired sender IDs, View or delete sent messages, and send Bulk SMS to your desired recipients.

Number Extractor: Also with UFS Desktop App, you can extract phone numbers from text, also generate random GSM numbers and perform many other number management tasks.

Phone Contact Manager: This is another exciting features of UFS Desktop App. It that helps you to import and add contacts into UFS App, as well as also allows you to export existing contacts for Bulk SMS and into other formats.

Text splitter and editor is a multipurpose and salient feature of UFS Desktop App which allows you to split up the input text data by desired separator or delimeter. It also helps you to reformat, rearrange and manipulate text data to achieve a wide variety of objectives.

Another exciting feature is Extract web contents. A semi web-crawler, which can visit specified webpages to extract important web data like the URLs, phone numbers, email addresses, and text data on specified pages.

We hope you will find these features a delight. Feel free to post your questions and comments below.

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