Using UFS Number extractor app to extract, generate and manage GSM numbers from texts or urls

UFS number extractor App helps you to extract and manage phone numbers and email address form text files, and web pages. Install UFS Number extractor and SMS app on your computer to get started.



To extract phone numbers form text documents, click on the “Extract numbers and Email” tab of UFS, then paste the text which contains the numbers to be extracted in the textbox provided, then click on “Extract Phone Number”.  Note that the free access code may be required to complete the number extraction process.


UFS  consists of seven (7) utilities for extracting and managing phone numbers which includes All in 1 Extractor, Number Extractor, Number Generator, Group Numbers, Reformat Numbers, Remove Unwanted No (SUBTRACTOR) and Email Extractor.

The phone number extractor logic efficiently extract out, over 99 percent of human readable phone numbers from text data regardless of the format and also allow one to specify custom settings for the numbers to be extracted.

In addition to extracting the GSM numbers, it also removes off the special characters like ” (,- ,+ etc” and spaces that are often associated with phone numbers thereby returning a cleanly formatted numbers that can readily be exported into any bulk SMS application or for other purposes.


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