Extracting phone numbers with UFS App.

UFS Phone Number Extractor App allows the user to extract numbers from urls or texts. Paste the text to be extracted in the textbox provided, you may browse text files directly from your local disk. The “settings” button allows you to specify the nature of the text data. If the numbers has definite separator, you may specify it in the input separator, but if it contains mixed separator, select “Auto Select”. If unsure, leave it at “Auto Select” and “Text and Numbers”.

You may specify the nature of numbers you wish to extract in the “Desired prefix” groupbox. If for instance you wish to extract only phone numbers that starts with a prefix of 234,0803, specify it in the box provided, and click extract. Numbers that did not start with 0803 and 234 would be excluded from the extracted numbers.

You may also specify the desired character length of the extracted numbers and also the desired separator for each extracted numbers. You may sort, or randomize extracted numbers. Click “Extract Numbers” after specifying your extraction preferences.

To extract numbers with UFS SMS App, you need to either use the free access coupon, or extraction credit or you purchase the full License.

See the sample below:

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