How to remove unwanted GSM numbers from your phone number lists with UFS SMS App.

While sending Bulk SMS campaign, Its often necessary to check that a new gsm number list do not contain gsm numbers used in a previous campaign. This ensures that your Bulk SMS campaigns are sent to only new and unique numbers.

The “Remove Unwanted Nos” feature of UFS SMS App helps you to remove the numbers that is not needed in your list. You may remove specific phone numbers or phone numbers that starts with a specified prefixes from the set of number collections.

For example, if you have like 1000 contacts and you want to remove 10 of the numbers, all you have to do is just to type or paste in the numbers in the space provided. You may also wish to remove numbers with certain prefixes like 0905, 0806, 0703 etc.

To remove unwanted numbers, open up UFS SMS App then click on the “Extract Numbers and Emails” tab. Paste your phone numbers collection in the “Phone number collection” textbox, and paste the unwanted numbers or unwanted number-prefix in the textbox exactly below it. You can specify the input settings by clicking the “settings” button beside each textbox. If the numbers has definite separator, you may specify it in the input separator, but if it contains mixed separator, select “Auto Select”. If unsure, leave it at “Auto Select” and “Text and Numbers”.

Click on “Remove Unwanted Numbers”

The numbers you need will appear on the Right side of the screen with the unwanted ones deleted from your list.

View the image below.



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