How to personalize text message for each Bulk SMS’ recipient.

UFS SMS App gives you an option to send a unique &  personalized text message to each of your Bulk SMS’s recipients using the “InteliCustomSMS” feature. This feature is useful for personalizing Bulk SMS messages with the receiver’s specific information like name, account balance, scores etc.

Though the Bulk SMS is sent at the same time to the same group, each person will receive  a personalized message that is different from what others recieve. Here is how to send such message with UFS .


*** Formatting the recipient ***

IntelicustomSMS requires that the contact is formatted in a spreadsheet alongside with the recipient specific  information as shown in the image below.


The columns containing the recipient specific information in the spreadsheet is each given a unique column header. The column containing the recipient’s GSM numbers is named “numbers” (Very important).  The “intelliCustomSMS” contacts may contain as many columns as you want, and the content of each column may be used within the body of the text to personalize the SMS.

After creating the intelicustomSMS contact, you may save the spreadsheet file as text or TSV,(for later importation into UFS) or you can simply copy and paste it into the recipient box


*** Composing the text message ***

When typing a text message under inteliCustomSMS mode, the “insert intelicustomsms parameter” panel becomes visible. This panel allows you to insert the column names within the text. As any of the column name is selected, the column name surrounded by a [* */] tag is inserted into the body of the text.

When the send button is clicked, the tag is replaced with the individual details as is specified in the intelicustomSMS contact. (Please note that under the inteliCustomSMS mode, the count for the SMS may be incorrect as this will depend on the variables for each of the intended recipient).

For Example, below is an intelicustom SMS contact and the corresponding message is typed below it.

numbers First Name Last Name Balance
08067817864 Francis tunde 10
08067879898 femi bayo 2000
080687878798 kay tade 5000

Hi [*First Name*/] [*Last Name*/], your balance is [*Balance*/].

In the example given above the first recipient will receive

“Hi Francis tunde, your balance is 10.”

The second recipient will receive

“Hi femi bayo, your balance is 2000.

Other recipients in the inteliCustomSMS contact will each receive different variation of the text message.


*** Sending the personalized text message ***

Log in to your account on UFS SMS & access the Bulk SMS interface of UFS SMS App, select the “IntelliCustomSMS” recipient type and then paste in the appropriately formatted IntelliCustomSMS contact in the recipient’s textbox.

Type in the message as described (in the *** Composing the text message ***, above). Ensure you have sufficient Bulk SMS credit units, then click the “send bulk sms” button.



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