Getting started with UFS desktop Bulk SMS and GSM number extractor software

UFS SMS App is a desktop software for extracting and managing phone numbers as well as for sending bulk SMS.

UFS App was designed to be an all-in-one solution suite for phone number extraction, phone number management, phone contact management and customized individual and Bulk messaging, hereby making it very ideal for personal, corporate and marketing uses.

To start using UFS App, simply download (1.2mb) and install UFS on your desktop computer .

On first run of UFS App, you will be prompted to either create new account or verify existing account.


Then a “choose desired tool ” panel opens up.  Click on any of the 3 desired tool then log into your account or click on the skip login link.

The interface that opens up next depends on the chosen tool.  But summarily UFS SMS App main interface looks like the image below.

The topmost right corner has the login panel. Slightly below the panel lies tabs for performing different task on the app.

It has the “Send Bulk SMS” tab, “Phone Contact Manager” Tab, Extract Numbers and Emails” Tab, “Extract Web Contents” Tab and “Text Splitter and Editor” Tab.

It has a central portion that holds the detail options  for performing the options in each selected tab.

The send bulk SMS tab helps you to send bulk SMS. (See screenshot above) Learn More>>

The Phone Contact Manager tabs helps to manage and save phone contacts. It can import and export contacts from different phone formats. Learn More>>


The Extract Numbers and email tab is for extracting phone numbers, generating phone numbers, and other phone number management utilities. Learn More>>


The Extract web content  is for extracting urls, emails, gsm numbers, and text from specified web pages or search keywords. Learn More>>

The Text Splitter and Editor is a miscellaneous tool for splitting and reformatting text. It can be used for a wide variety of text processing task. Learn More >>


In order to send SMS with UFS SMS App, you need to purchase SMS credit units. Learn More>>

You need free access coupon to use the number extractor, web content extractor and text splitter functionality of UFS SMS App.  You can get the free access coupon here To use the free access coupon, click on the Extract Number and email tab, locate the access code verification panel at the top right corner of the interface.


For further assistance, you can use our live chat channel or post your question on our forum.


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