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This page helps you to edit the prefixes and suffixes of phone numbers.



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Reformat Phone Numbers

This functions will help you to reformat your extracted phone numbers by allowing you to specify desired suffixes and prefixes for the numbers. For instance, if the you wish to convert your phone numbers from local format to international format, you may need to replace the first X digit of each number with the specified international prefix code. eg, if I wish to convert a Nigerian phone Number like 08061111114, to international number, I would use,

Replace the first 1 digits with 234
Preserve the last 10 digits and replace the remainder with 234

For small task, you wont be mandated to specify your email, but your email is required for bigger task. When your task is queued up in the server, you may go offline or wait, since the extraction goes on to completion in the server. If you have specified your email, a the result would be mailed to you. SMS notification is only active for task that has been queued up in the server.


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